TO ALL MY FAVORITE TUMBLR PEEPS! Dang, I love reading your posts, seeing your pictures, laughing at your gifs (you guys are so freaking creative) – and I have to say that on top of all that fun stuff, I see a LOT of hurt on here… some of y’all are going through so much crap and I’m feeling for ya, for real. So, I wanted to address that more personally and let you know that I’m actually going through my whole list of followers and lifting you up in prayer, by name. One at a time. No joke. I’m asking God to comfort you in your distress and to pour out His love into your heart so you can feel it. That’s my prayer for you and I hope it encourages you, but there’s something else you should know, and dang, I didn’t make this up (I wouldn’t have had the guts to come up with something this mind-alteringly awesome) Check this out: “Record my misery; list my tears on your scroll— are they not in your record?” That verse is Psalm 56:8. God says that when something breaks your heart, it breaks His as well. In fact, when you shed a tear, He makes a note of it. He writes it down in His journal because He loves you like that and because He wants to remember every tear so that later on, He can do something about it. The Lord has your back and so do I. If you’re doing great this week and know someone who’s having a hard time, why not share this verse and this truth with them. God loves you… He writes down your tears. Pass it on. And hey, thanks for being you. Keep rockin’! – Lee

God Bless your Heart Lee!


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