My Pastor kept saying “love your enemies it will drive them crazy” because most likely we hate who hate us. but isn’t it weird even if they hate you will still love back. its really hard.

oh yeah and I saw this quote in the Fighting Temptations movie.. Awesome!

But i realized that was the same thing God did for us. God doesn’t  need us, at the first place we are the one who made a mistake. “Adam n Eve” we disobeyed him… So, God has the right to let us crash and burn in short -suffer in hell. But God still Loved us back, if I’m God and my people disobeyed me, I’ll punish them! “Nag hirap ako gumawa-gawa ng mga tao, tapus gaganitohin lang ako?!” LOL. Anyway, I’m glad I am not God or else nobody will be saved.

My point is God Loved us So much he Gave the most precious thing in his life just to win back our sorry asses. and for those who think they are saved we need to work out hard to win them haters back. People don’t read the bible so it’s our mission to let them read it, through our lives… Let’s bless our enemies. lets show them kindness, love, anything to help them out. Haters need help because deep inside they are hurting and its us Christians are the one to let them know the answer to fill that emptiness in their lives.. God bless..


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