So, just for you, I contacted Lee Younger, the recording artist (I know some people y’all), who has just finished recording his new album, and I hit him up and said, “dude, you know I have the coolest Tumblr followers” and he was all like “I know, you’re always talking about stuff they post” and I was all like “well, you know that Elton John lyric, ‘you can tell everybody this is your song’?” and Lee was all like “yeah” and I was all like “okay, so I want you to give me a full download of one of your songs that hasn’t even been released yet, that I can give to them… for free… they can download it, they can blog it, they can iPod it, they can put it on and dance around all crazy and scare their dog with it.” Then he (no kidding) sent me this link. This is your song. It’s yours because God loves you, and I love you, and I want the whole dang world to know.

i like the song tnx man 🙂

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